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  • How to get your indie game funded while you're still developing your game
  • How to double your game sales AFTER you launched and your game tanked
  • How to setup a landing page so that gamers opt-in and you start building a community
  • How to only spend 20 minutes a day on marketing so that you have more time for dev
  • How to build momentum so that you get the attention of game press, youtubers, streamers

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Indie Game Not Selling? Learn to Grow Your Income With These Free Indie Game Digital Marketing Tips, Ebooks, Videos, Articles...

48 Things Every Game Dev Should Know About Marketing

If you want your indie game to be successful, then here are 48 insights to remember...

How To Write Attention-Grabbing Content That Gets Gamers Come To You

This is day 4 of the "Indie Game Community Creator". Inside you're going to get a 20 minute technique that will help you create content that grabs a gamer's attention

Why Nobody Is Playing Your Indie Game And What To Do About It...

Inside this article and video you're going to discover the number one reason why gamers arn't playing your game... and then you'll get 3 techniques showing you what you can improve

When No Gamers Are Joining Your Community -- And What To Do About It...

This is day 3 of the "Indie Game Community Creator". Inside you'll learn a simple trick to help you when all your work isn't paying off

Indie Community Creator System Day 2: How To Get Gamers Easily Find Your Stuff

Inside you'll learn the fundemental lesson on how to get gamers find your content online. Remember, the goal is to build a community. It's the best way to market your indie game, grow profits, and get free word-of-mouth that attracts Youtubers, Twitch Streamers, Kickstarter funders, publishers, etc. So, to do that, you need gamers to easily find you first.

How To Create a Community For Your Indie Game: Day 1

I'll show you exactly how to build a community for your indie game. Why? Because having a community is the best way to sell indie games when you have no money to advertise or when paid ads are not working for you. This is day 1 of 7. Watch or read because you'll learn a lot of new insights.

How To Create a Community For Your Indie Game

A 7 Step system made for solo / small team game devs who arn't getting any attention. Start here.

How To Sell Your Indie Game Using Your Website: 7 Step System

Let's get back to "grassroots" marketing. Inside you'll learn 7 steps on how you can use your website to be your top selling platform for your indie game

Indie Game Developer Myth

Inside you'll learn the biggest path to failure and what do do about it (hint, it's not your marketing, your promotions, an over saturated marketplace)

When Selling Your Indie Game To A Smaller Market Means More Game Sales

It's counter intuitive to focus on a SMALLER indie game target market... but inside you'll learn how this digital marketing strategy works, and how to implement it to help you sell more copies.

Are Looks More Important Than How An Indie Game Works?

Inside you're going to learn that "good looks" are valuable because good looks are rare... much more rare than good gameplay. Learn how knowing this insight will help you promote your indie game...

3 Predictions In the Indie Game Market -- And How To Take Advantage of Gaps In The Market

It's not about being "better" or "cheaper"... it's about filling gaps in the market that no other game is filling that leads to success. Learn more about how to take advantage of indie game market gaps.

Blizzard Marketing Lessons For Indie Game Devs

Learn how Blizzard Entertainment has successfully marketing their games (hint: it's not brand marketing, it's marketing strategies you can use too... with spending as little money as possible)

If You Have No Money To Promote Your Indie Game, Then This Is Your Best Marketing Advantage...

As an indie game dev, your best advantage is your agility to fill a gap in the market no other game company has yet. Inside you'll learn how to take advantage of this...

Knowing These 3 Gamer Personality Types Will Help You, as an Indie Game Dev, Improve Your Success at Promoting Your Game

So, why care about the personality of your gamer? How will knowing this help you develop an indie game that attracts certain gamers? How will knowing this help you sell more copies of your indie game? Click inside to find out...

How To Min/Max Game Development Time and Finish Your Project 2x Faster With These 3 Productivity Tips

Inside you'll learn from industry giants about how to finish a project 2x faster without loss in quality

The Best Way To Promote Your Indie Game For Free Is To Create Attention Grabbing Content... Here's How

Inside you'll learn how to get gamers to easily find your content about your indie game

When Promoting Your Indie Game On Twitter Doesn't Work, And What To Do About It

Learn how to promote your indie game on Twitter in a way that helps you sell more copies

Marketing a Top Down, Multiplayer, Space Shooter, Indie Game: Content Creation

Learn how to creating content that will attract gamers to your website and store page...

3 Good Arguments Against Sponsoring YouTubers To Help You Promote Your Indie Game

It use to be that YouTube Gamers and content creators would play whatever the hell they wanted. But now, YouTubers seem to stream games that are more "marketable" to their community, and can be monetized. So what do you do as an idie game dev? Read to discover a better solution...

How To Get More NON-GAMERS To Play and Buy Your Indie Game

Do you dumb down your game? Do you make it easier? Do you make mobile games? Nope. Inside you'll learn a marketing lesson that will show you how to attract non-gamers to buy your indie game

Top 5 Genre Defining Indie Games That Cornered Their Market

And three marketing lessons for indie game devs who want to dominate their own sub-genre, and become market leaders, too

When a Small Indie Game Dev Teams Succeeds With Their First Game...

...and 3 lessons you can learn to help you sell your own indie game, too

Day 5 of Marketing a Multiplayer Top Down Shooter, Indie Game: Creating Online Content

How do people consume content online? What grabs their attention? How do gamers pick and choose what they read, watch, and listen too? Find out...

How AAA Game Publishers Steal Innovation From Indie Games -- And 3 Things You Can Do About It

Being "NEW" is a huge selling point... and indie game devs can outcompete AAA games because they take more risks and create something new... but, AAA games are watching and looking for ways to be opportunistic. Learn more about how to keep and maintain your lead as an indie game dev...

Everything Wrong With Indie Game Sales and Bundles

You've tried sales and bundles... now what? What happens when sales and bundles don't help you sell more copies of your indie game? Inside you'll learn a strategy that works in the long run...

How To Get More Gamers Playing a Indie Multiplayer Space Shooter

What happens when you launch a multiplayer indie game, and nobody is playing? Watch as I try to market a indie multiplayer game, and learn some marketing lessons you can use to help sell more copies of your own game...

How Evolutionary Psychology Explains Why Some Video Games Become Popular and Sell The Most

Inside you'll learn how to make your indie game more popular by knowing more about human needs

How To Market a Multiplayer Space Shooter Indie Game - Day 3

One of the most important indie game marketing tricks you can use is by creating your own sub-genre. But it's not that easy. Inside you'll learn how to leverage "sub-genre marketing"

How To Market a Multiplayer Space Shooter Indie Game - Day 2

Inside you'll watch me how I find out what a gamer wants -- this will help you market your own indie game when you know what a gamer wants

How To Market a Multiplayer Space Shooter Indie Game

Watch me how I market an indie game, and learn lessons that you can use to help you sell your own game

3 Marketing Lessons Indie Games Can Learn From Half-Life 1

When Half-Life came out in 1998, it was up against huge franchises like DOOM and Quake... learn how Valve used 3 marketing tricks to outcompete them all (and use these lessons to help you sell your own game)

How To Market Your Indie Game Like id Software Did Back Before They Got Rich

Inside you're going to learn 3 lessons on how id Software self-published and marketed their video games -- and get advice showing you how to do the same, too

How Jon Shafer Become a Successful Indie Game Dev -- And Then How He Lost It All Because Of a Simple Reason You Can Avoid Easily

Learn 3 lessons from Jon Shafers success and failure -- and lessons you can use to help you sell more copies of your video game

Fallout 1 Marketing Lessons Indie Game Devs Can Use To Sell More Copies

You'll learn a marketing insight Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky used to help sell Fallout 1... Read to find out what this marketing insight is...

How To Make Your Video Game Addicting

Inside you'll learn 3 steps on how to make your video addicting so your gamer has fun, plays your game for years, and tells people about it

3 Basic Business Insights For Indie Game Devs Who Want To Own a Successful Games Studio

Which of these three business insights are you not doing?

How To Optimize Your Steam Store Page In a Way That Sells More Copies of Your Video Game

Inside you'll learn what you should do on your Steam Store Page to get gamers to buy your video game at full price

How To Name Your Video Game In a Way That Gets a Gamer To Buy

Inside you'll learn what a good and a bad video game name is... and how to pick a good name so your game sells more copies

Marketing Lessons From Nintendo That Indie Game Devs Can Use -- For Free

Learn how Nintendo markets their games, and use the same tricks for free to market your own indie game

What Stops a Gamer From Buying and Playing Your Video Game...

... and what to do about it if your video game isn't getting any sales

Indie Video Game Marketing Trick -- And How To Use It Free To Sell Your Video Games

Learn a non-obvious marketing trick most game devs miss (but successful ones use all the time)

Top Get 10,000 Free Visitors To Your Video Game Devlog In 90 Days

If your devlog is only getting other devlogs visiting it, then learn how to attract gamers instead

Top Three Reasons Why YouTubers and Twitch Streamers Reject New Video Game Devs -- And What You Can Do About It

Learn a proven 3 step system to help you promote your video game by building relationships with influencers

How To Advertise Your Video Game For Free

Before you spend any money on advertising your video game, read and watch this...

How To Approach Top YouTubers and Twitch Streamers In a Way That Guarantees You Won't Get Rejected

Learn how get the top 100 streamers to play and talk about your video game in front of thousands of their viewers

How To Get 1000 Video Game Sales a Month

Learn how to sell 1000 copies of your video game a month so you can start working on your next game

Right and Wrong Video Game Marketing Methods

Learn this simple technique that will help gamers discover your video game

Not Getting Gamers To Visit Your Devlog?

Learn these 3 simple tips to get more traffic to your devlog so gamers become a fan of your game (and buy your game)

7 Irrational Reasons Why Gamers Buy and Play Video Games So You Can Make a Game That Sells Itself

Learn these 7 reasons to give you insights during the development of your game, and so you can make a video game that sells itself

How To Correctly Price Your Indie Video Game So You Can Sell It At High Prices

Learn a price strategy made especially for indie video games

7 Good Reasons Not To Sell Your Video Game On Steam

What if your video game isn't selling on Steam, what do you do? Here's exactly what you do...

How To Use These 3 Digital Marketing Basics, To Help You Double Video Game Sales

If you want to double your video game sales, you need to know these 3 video game marketing basics (and it has nothing to do with advertising, PR, branding, or banner ads)

Top Ten NEW Video Game Genres No Game Developer Is Taking Advantage of

Which of these new video game genres do you want to dominate before anybody else does?

How To Get a Gamer To Discover Your Video Game -- Without Spending Money On Advertising

Learn how find gamers to play and buy your game -- without spending a dime on pr, ads, commercials, promotions

How To Avoid Being Dominated By Your Competition That Has a Bigger Market Budget Than You

Learn how to get your video game noticed and not be dominated by competition with more ad money

Top Ten 10 Fails Game Dev's Make When Marketing Their Game -- And How You Can Avoid These Fails

Are you making any of these 10 fails when marketing your video game?

Why Some Video Games Sell Themselves and Others Stay on The Digital Shelf

Learn ow to become more savvy when marketing your video game so you're not wondering why other games get more attention than yours