Why Nobody Joins Your Indie Game Community, Or Fund Your Kickstarter / Patreon, or Buy Your Game -- And What To Do About It

Creating a Community For Your Indie Game When Nobody Knows You: Day 3

You've been thinking about building a community for your indie game because you know...

So let's keep going, and I want to show you...

What You Need To Know When Creating a Large Community For Your Indie Game

You know now that the best way to gain attention is to create content.

But, what if nobody joins your community? What if you spend months creating content, videos, articles, podcasts, and nobody shows up?

What if I told you that by tweaking ONE little thing with your content will work 100x better in attracting gamers to join your community, than any other method?

All you have to do is put more of the spotlight on the gamer, and what THEY get for playing your game, and your content will be approximately 100x more effective than if you just put the spotlight on you.

So, how do you put the spotlight on the gamer so your indie game gets more attention? And how do you create content that will build your community?

The Best Strategy To Get Attention In An Overcrowded Marketplace Is To Do What Nobody Else Is Doing...

It's not your content that is the problem. It isn't that your game isn't good enough. It's not because your marketing sucks.

The reason people are not joining your community isn't your content, your game, or your marketing. In fact, most of all the the issues you have are not your fault.

The issue is, that there is TOO much noise. A gamer is bombarded with so much noise that they are tuning almost EVERYTHING out.

So, it doesn't matter how pretty your indie game is. It doesn't matter how many videos you publish. It doesn't matter how many tweets you hash out.

The problem is with the communication itself.

The communication is not working because gamers are turning almost all of it out.


There is a way to tweak your content so that gamers find your content, and unconsciously say to themselves...

"oh, what's this? this is exactly what I've been looking for".

Let me show you exactly how to make your content as magnetic as possible. And remember, the core pillar of building a community so that they will help fund your game, or they buy your game, is "attention-grabbing" content.

Let's learn more about this, next....

How To Get a Gamer Pay Attention To Your Content So They Join Your Community

In a moment I'm going to show you an action plan, outlining exactly how to get gamers to pay attention to your content.

But let me show you what content DOESN'T work. This is important because when I show you what does work, then you'll have a better chance at success.

I said in the beginning of this article to put the "spotlight" on the gamer.

This is very important, because in an overcrowded marketplace, it's the game devs who focus on the gamer who get all the attention. And it's the game devs who focus all on themselves that do NOT get any attention.

It's easy to talk about features, gameplay, theme, music, art, graphics, story. It's easy to publish articles, videos, tweets, gifs, blogs, all about the game.

But that's the problem. Almost all game devs do that. And that's just adding to the noise gamers are tuning out.

But when you talk about what a gamer will get after playing your game, well then, you're going to grab their attention.


Because that's what people are attracted to: in themselves.

If you speak TO the gamer, and not at them, you'll get their attention. When game devs talk about features they are talking AT the gamer. When you talk about how features in your game will make a gamer experience a certain emotion, then you are talking TO the gamer.

A gamer is more interested in hearing about what THEY will experience when playing your game. They're not interested in a game devs experience.

Again, it's all about tweaking your content so that the focus is more on the gamer, and less about out you.

This is how to not only get attention, but to build a community.

So, let me give you a one step action plan showing you exactly how to do this..

1 Step Action Plan: Ask Yourself, "Is This About Me Or About My Gamer?"

When creating content, put the focus on your gamer and their needs, wants, and emotions. And the best way to tweak your content this way is to ask yourself that question you see above.

Again, it's easy to talk about yourself, and your game, and your features.

But almost all game devs do that. It's adding to the noise. What grabs a gamer's attention is when you flip that around and start talking about THEM.

What Happens If You Do This And Put The Spotlight On The Gamer?

When you put the spotlight on the gamer, you'll notice that this is what expert marketers do all the time to get attention.

Just look at Xbox and Playstation. While they are all talking about themselves, and their teraflops,Nintendo put the spotlight on the gamer. They show ways the gamer can play the Switch. They talk about how much FUN their games are. They show the gamers USING the Switch.

Same thing with Apple. While most of their competitors talk about technical stuff and features, Apple taps into the human emotional side. When Apple marketed the iPod, they never said the word "mp3" they never tried to sell features like storage space. They marketed to human emotions. They put the PERSON in the spotlight, not their product.

This works because people are interested in themselves. And when you start doing this with your content, you'll see that you'll get a lot more attention in an oversaturated marketplace.

Sure, when you get huge, and you're well known in the industry, then this strategy of putting the spotlight is less important.

But if nobody knows you, trusts you, and don't want to join your community, your best strategy is to put the focus on the gamer.

Always, ask yourself this when you're creating content...

"Is This About Me, Or Is This About My Gamer?"

...because if you do, then you'll be cutting through all the noise. Your content will be 100x more effective because gamers are more attracted to what's in it for them, and less what's in it for the game dev.

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