Do You Know How To Market Your Indie Game?

Hi game dev, if you have any questions on how to market your indie game, then I invite you to send me a message. I answer all emails.

Here's what I can help you out with (any of these describe your challenges?)...

  • How to get your indie game funded while you're still developing your game
  • How to double your game sales AFTER you launched and your game tanked
  • How to setup a landing page so that gamers opt-in and you start building a community
  • How to only spend 20 minutes a day on marketing so that you have more time for dev
  • How to build momentum so that you get the attention of game press, youtubers, streamers

So, think about it. What's your biggest challenge right now? What can I help you with right now so that your indie game becomes a success? Maybe one of my insights will help you get out of your jam.

To get started, fill out your name and email. And then I'll reply back. Please know, this isn't an automated email system. So it'll take me about 2 days to get back to you because I help a lot of game devs.

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