A Marketing Trick Successful Indie Games Do To Sell More Video Games and Out-Compete AAA Games

How To Use This Trick To Increase Profits Of Your Own Video Game

Hey. Konrad here.

One of my websites gets 17,000 visitors a month – every month.

I'm not showing you this to show off. I want you to see that what you're about to learn has helped me get this kind of traffic to my blog.

How to get free traffic to your video game devlog

What You'll Learn After Reading This Article...

I'm going to teach you how you can get over 10,000 visitors to your devlog easily and without putting in 4 hours a day writing articles.

And I'll show you how you can do this all in 90 days.

But you have to be smart. Most devlogs attract OTHER video game devs. What's the point of that? If your devlog isn't getting traffic from GAMERS, then 10,000 visitors is meaningless.

The reason you want only gamers coming to your devlog is to build an audience of diehard fans -- who buy your game, and who talk about your game in reddit, youtube, and twitch, giving you free marketing.

So, not only am I going to teach you how to get 10,000 visitors a month to your devlog, but 10,000 gamers to visit your devlog.

Take a moment to pause this video, and go grab your favourite drink. Sit back, and let's learn about how you can get free traffic to your devlog, that attracts 10,000 gamers a month.

How To Get a Gamer To Go Out of Their Way and Find You -- Instead of You Sitting Wasting Hours Writing Boring Blog Articles That Only Other Devs Will Probably Read

Right now there are thousands of gamers LOOKING for new games to play. They are going out of there way to find you.

Except they can't find you because the way most video game devs approach their devlog is wrong.

Most game dev spend hours writing articles, posting articles, making podcasts, and hoping that gamers will come to them. That's not how to get gamers to come and find you.

Sure, writing and updating your devlog is great for SEO. Google will index your page, and people will find you with certain key words.

But it's not the right people. You'll mostly get people interested in game development -- not gamers who want to buy games. And most gamers aren't really interested in game development. They're interested in PLAYING games. They're interested in discovering NEW games to play.

And these gamers are looking for you, but they don't know how to find you.

So, how do you get those gamers looking for you, and get them to visit your devlog? How do you get 10,000 gamers to visit your devlog -- and not just other game devs? And how do you do this without having to have to write blog articles every day?

That's next...

How To Find 10,000 Gamers To Visit Your Devlog, Per Month: 3 Step Action Plan

If you learn and use the technique I'm about to share with you for 90 days straight, you will start getting 10,000 visitors to your website.

This works. And it's exactly what I did way back when I needed visitors to my other blogs... and how I'm getting them to this one.

And the best part is, you only have to do this for 90 days.

Once you get enough momentum you don't have to do this.

Word of mouth will spread, and your devlog will become a well oiled machine that automatically finds gamers for you.

Here's exactly what to do, step-by-step:

Step 1: Go Where Gamers Go

Remember how I said that thousands of gamers are looking for you RIGHT NOW? They're not googling you. They're not looking for another game devlog to read. They are looking to discover a NEW game to play.

Let me show you..

On the day I'm writing this article, I went to two places and already found over 100 people looking for you.

How to get free traffic to your video game devlog using reddit

Reddit is a great place to find gamers looking to discover new games.

How to get free traffic to your video game devlog using reddit

There are thousands of gamers on twitter desperate to discover a new game.

With a simple search on reddit and twitter, I've found hundreds of gamers lost, looking for a new games to play.

They're not googleing "new games to play". They're not googling "game dev logs". They're actively seeking out, and asking other people for help.

What if YOU were the one to help them? What if they discovered YOUR game?

How? Let me show you in step two...

Step 2: Reply Back To Gamers Looking For Your Type of Game With a Link Back To Your Devlog

Now, don't go spamming everybody you see searching for new games. For example, if your game isn't an RPG, then don't reply back to somebody looking to play an RPG. Doing this will do the opposite of what you're trying to do. People will reject your messages.

Look for gamers that are looking for games that are in your sub-genre.

It's important to craft a message that grabs a gamer's attention so they don't think it's spam, or a bot sending them mass messages.

But you're not done yet. You can't just send them to your devlog with a bunch of articles. You need to give them something of value. You need to reward them somehow.

Here's how, in step three...

Step 3: Give a Gamer Instant Gratification When They Find You

Now, a game dev will fail 99% of the time if they do this step wrong.

If a game dev links a gamer to a bunch of blogs articles, the gamer will instantly leave. If a game dev gives a gamer a link to their store page, they will instantly leave.

Why will game devs fail 99% of the time if they do this? Because when a gamer doesn't know you yet... and if a gamer hasn't heard about you yet... then asking them to read all your articles, and buy your game is too big of a commitment.

It's like asking somebody you just met to marry you. It's too big of a commitment. You need to build a relationship first before you go asking for big commitments like that.

Let me say that again, because it's important.

Asking a gamer, you just met, to read all your articles is a huge commitment for them. Asking a gamer, you just met, to buy your game, is too big of a commitment for them. They'll quickly move their mouse to the top right and click that x button and run for the hills to another website.

A better strategy is to give them an instant reward for finding you.

And what's the best way to give a gamer an instant reward for discovering you?

It's a free demo of your game.

This works because there is ZERO commitment required from the gamer. And their instant gratification is fulfilled: they get to play a game RIGHT NOW.

This is how you build a relationship with a gamer. They'll play your demo. They'll get emotionally hooked. And now they have a reason to read your devlog. Now they have a reason to share what they found on reddit, youtube, and twitch. Now they have a reason to visit your store page and buy your game.

Best Part? You Only Need To Do This 10 Minutes a Day

If you follow this formula for 90 days, I guarantee that you will start getting 10,000 visitors to your site. And you don't need to do this for any longer than 10 minutes a day.

And let me ask you this? How did you come read this article or watch this video? You're probably here because I sent you a link via twitter or reddit.

And I used this same technique for my other website that now gets over 16,000 visitors a month.

So, it's important to do this every day for 90 days. Why? Because you need to build momentum. When you find 1 person, and they share with 2 other people, and they share with 2 other people... and that domino effect is what will ramp up your visitors.

That's why you don't need to do this for more than 10 minutes a day. You just need to find 2 to 3 people a day, and send them a reply.

And make sure you're looking for gamers looking for you. And send them a link to your demo, and not to your store page or blog articles. Later when you develop a relationship with them, then you can send them to a store page.

And remember, this isn't about spamming people. You're looking for people who are looking for you.

Find gamers looking for you. Give them an instant reward for discovering you. And this will get them to spread word of mouth for you for free. This will cause a domino effect, and get you ramped up to 10,000 visitors a month to your devlog.

Do This Right Now IRL, So You Don't Forget What You Just Learned

You can read about riding bikes for 8 hours a day. You can watch videos on how to ride a bike for 8 hours a day. But you still won't know how to ride a bike. You need to jump on, and try IRL.

So, let's jump on the bike, and take it for a ride right now. Let's do something IRL so you don't forget what you just learned.

Take the next 12 minutes to do this exercise.

Open a brand new browser tab. Go to Twitter. On the top right, you'll see their search bar. Put in this search term:

"(Your game's sub-genre) recommend"

For example, if your game is a rogue-like, enter: "rogue like game recommend".

I want you to see how many gamers are desperately searching for NEW games in your genre.

Now, you may not be ready right now. Maybe you don't have a demo or game yet. That's ok. I just want you to do this exercise to see how it works IRL. When you're ready, then go back and follow the 3 step action plan, and do this for 90 days.