How To Get The Top 100 YouTubers and Twitch Streamers To Play Your Video Game In Front Of Their Thousands of Viewers -- So You Sell More Copies

Learn How To Approach Top Streamers In a Way That Guarantees You Won't Get Rejected

If you follow the steps and action plan I'm about to show you, you'll learn exactly what to say to the top 100 YouTubers and Twitch Streamers, so they play your game in front of thousands of their viewers.

And the benefit of having gamers watch their favourite streamer play your game is you'll increase the chances of selling more copies.

But if an indie video game dev messes up what they say to a streamer or YouTuber, then they may have lost this opportunity forever.

So, take this moment to grab your favourite beverage. Come back. And let's learn some new insights about how to talk to streamers and how you can sell more copies of your video game.

To The Game Dev Who Wants To See Top Streamers Play Their Game In Front of Viewers

What you're about to learn is NOT about getting "exposure". My favourite saying is, "you die from exposure".

What I mean is, the reason you want influential YouTubers and Twitch Streamers to play your game in front of thousands of viewers is so you sell more copies.

If you can sell more copies of your video game, then you can build a game company that supports your life. And if you have a business that supports your life, then you don't have to work a full time job, and you have more time to work on your NEXT video game.

Exposure doesn't do that. Exposure doesn't bring in money. It makes advertisers rich, though. They'll take your money and tell you how much exposure your video game will get. But advertisers can't promise how much money that exposure will get you.

The type of marketing you're going to learn isn't about "exposure" or "branding" It's how to sell more video games. And most of this type of marketing is free to do.

So, let me show you exactly what I'm talking about. I'm going to show you a 3 step action plan on how to exactly approach the top 100 YouTubers and Twitch Streamers.

But first, I want to share a story of how I discovered this technique.

The Secret of Making Important YouTubers and Twitch Streamers Like You

So, I've been doing digital marketing for 12 years now. And my story is going to help you understand how to approach big influential people who don't have time -- especially when they don't know you yet, and don't trust you yet.

Since 2005, I've been running a successful web development and design company ( I discovered a small "sub-genre" that NO web dev or designer was taking advantage of.

And I cornered that market. I scanned people's photos and slides into digital, and edited those digital images so they look better. And then I built small web apps for people so they can view their digital images online.

I've been doing this for 12 years. I've attracted multi billion dollar companies, music tv stations, book publishers, governments, professional sports organizations.

But get this...

I have basically ZERO brand recognition. I never paid more than 100$ for ads (I tried Google AdWords and $100 bucks got me 16 visits). I didn't get investor funding. And I didn't have to do any cold calls or any type of selling.

How I discovered how to get these huge companies and organizations to work with me, a small guy, is exactly the technique you can use to attract huge YouTubers and Twitch Streamers.

Here's my secret technique.

How To Talk To Big Time YouTubers and Twitch Streamers Without Getting Rejected

I discovered that influential people don't have time. And if they don't know you, they probably don't like you. If you go up to them, and bug them, then they're going to ignore you forever.

So... there goes that opportunity.

It's the same when talking to big time YouTubers and Twitch Streamers. Back in 2005, these streamers were hungry for content. And if they got a free game key, they were very happy for that opportunity.

But today, if a game dev approaches that streamer with a free game key, then they're risking rejection. Big YouTubers and Twitch Streamers are not hungry for content anymore. In fact, AAA publishers are the hungry ones now. And they pay these influencers big money so they play their game in front of their thousands or millions of viewers.

Giving out free game keys is no longer a good strategy.

No. You need a more subtle approach.

So, let's go back to how I got huge multi billion dollar companies and brand name organizations to work with me. Knowing this will help you do the same with big name streamers.

How I Discovered How To Get The Attention Of Big Time People and Organizations

So, I had a huge problem.

When I wanted to get a huge company to do business with me, I just gave them a quote -- and hoped that they say yes.

But, some of these companies had over 20,000 scans. And I discovered very quickly that a quote of $50,000 is a huge sticker shock. Whenever I did this, I got rejected.

This was a huge problem because I wasn't a brand name. They didn't know me. They didn't trust me. Who the hell would give $50,000 to some small time operation, that ran out of a home office?

This is important, because when you approach YouTubers and Twitch Streamers, they won't know you either. Giving them a free game key is like me giving a company a quote of $50,000. It's too "expensive" for the streamer.

In other words, it's safer for a streamer to play a game they know and are sure their viewers will watch. They don't want to take a risk and try your game. And they don't have time. And if they do take risk with your game, they worry they might lose viewers... and lose money.

But... I figured out a way. And I'm no genius. I learned this from smarter people than me.

I looked at what Apple did and how they can sell high priced electronics to the mass market. I'm not talking about branding, or PR, here. What I'm about to show you is an insight that nobody notices Apple doing.

If you go into Best Buy, you'll see shelves and shelves of goods. And there are sales people who's job is to SELL and get those goods off those shelves.

But Apple's strategy is a bit counterintuitive. They don't have shelves. They don't have salespeople (per se).

Their store is sort of like an electronics playground. It's where people can come in casually, and try out a "demo" for free.

This is the insight I want you to learn, and this will help you get the top YouTubers and Streamers to play your game in front of their thousands of viewers.

Let me show you...

Build Relationships Before Asking People To Try And Play Your Game

What Apple does with their retail store is brilliant. They are building a relationship with a customer BEFORE they ask them to buy a $800 or $4000 tablet or computer.

They know that their stuff is expensive. They know that people can buy cheaper computers with the same specs somewhere else.

But how they get people emotionally hooked to their products is through relationship building.

I learned this very quick. I used the free "demo" as a way to build relationships too.

Let me show you...

So, instead of quoted a big company the whole price, I offered them a free demo worth $150.

What's more appealing? $150 worth of free scanning or paying $50,000 to somebody you've never heard of or probably don't like.

This is exactly how I got huge companies to do business with me. Instead of trying to get them to go for the full price item, I wanted to start a relationship with them first. And people do business with people they like.

Remember, these companies don't know me, they probably don't' like me, and they sure don't trust me enough to pay me $50,000 for my services.

But when I offered them something LESS committal, like a free $150 scanning service, then they had nothing to lose. Once they saw my demo worked, they trusted me. And that's how I made all most all of my big deals.

You see what I'm getting at?

When you approach a streamer with a game key, it's a huge "sticker shock" to them. What I mean is, those streamers are so busy, that playing a full version game just to see if it's any good, is going to scare them away. They're thinking to themselves, "I don't have 15 minutes to play a new game and see if I like... let alone 2 hours"

A game key is too big of a commitment for these streamers. Even a demo or a video game trailer is too big of a commitment.

Remember, these streamers don't know you, and they probably don't trust that your game is any fun or worth playing in front of their viewers.

You need build a relationship with them first, before you ask them to play your game in front of their thousands of viewers. Before they play hours and hours of your game, you need a less threatening strategy. Something easy and less committal they can try.

What is that? How? That's next...

How To Get The Top 100 Streamers To Play Your Video Game: 3 Step Action Plan

In this section, I'm going to show you exactly, step by step what to do and say to start a relationship with the top 100 streamers, so they play our game in front of their viewers.

And I'm going to show you how to make sure that you're not just getting exposure... that you are going to sell more copies.

Remember, you can't just spam out free game keys. You can't just PM a bunch of YouTubers and Streamers a link to your trailer or demo.

So, here's a strategy I've been using for 12 years to get the attention of big name companies. And here's how you can use the same technique to get the attention of big name YouTubers and Twitch Streamers...

Step 1: Create a Self Contained, Mini Game

This is important. This will be your "elevator" pitch. Remember, influencers are busy. They have thousands of game devs PMing them with free game keys all the time. Even worse, game devs have bigger competition. Streamers get paid by AAA publishers to play games.

Influencers make the rules now.

And you only have 140 characters, or 7 seconds, to grab their attention. A free game key is too big of a commitment. Giving them a link to your video game trailer isn't worth the time to click. Even a demo is too big of a commitment.

A better strategy create a "7 Minute Gamer Demo". It's basically a playable teaser. It's the best part of your game. It's not the first level of your game. It's not the intro. It's not a tutorial. It's a self contained mini version of your game.

I recommend it be 1 minute up to 7.

Again, this is important. It needs to be about 1 to 7 minutes, and no more. And you'll learn why in Step 2 and 3.

Also, forcing yourself to make a demo that is less than 7 minutes means you only keep the best parts of your game.

So, when you have a 7 Minute Gamer Demo, what do you do next? Let's keep going, and I'll show you...

Step 2: Make a List of Your Favourite YouTubers and Twitch Streamers

While you're working on developing a 7 Minute Gamer Demo, take 15 minutes a day to make a list of 100 of your favorite influencers.

If you try to do this in one sitting, you'll get bored and discouraged. So, I recommend to set aside 15 minutes a day. Open a Google or Excel spreadsheet. Go on YouTube and Twitch. Search your favorite streamers. And just cut and paste 20 names into your spreadsheet. It will take 15 minutes. And in 5 days you'll have a huge list of 100 streamers.

And don't just focus on the the most popular streamers. The smaller ones are hungry for content. Watch their stuff. If you like their personality, and you like them, then it doesn't matter if they have 10 viewers or 100,000. Who knows who will be the next top streamer, right? So, don't forget about the small guys, too.

Here's what to do with that list and your 7 Minute Gamer Demo

Step 3: Use This Script When Asking Influencers To Play Your Game

Remember how I told you how Apple get's people to try their stuff before they buy? Apple knows that trying to sell a person a $800 tablet is not easy. Instead of "selling", they are building relationships first.

It's the same when trying to "sell" to big name streamers. Giving them a free game key is too expensive for them. They don't have time to play and test out a game they never heard of.

Giving them a link to video game trailer doesn't work either. Every game dev does that.

But what most game devs don't do is, focus on building a relationship first before asking a big name streamer to try out their game.

And the best way to start that relationship is to give them something that is zero commitment to them... but gives them a huge benefit.

That's what your 7 Minute Gamer Demo does. It lets a big name streamers play a game, with zero commitment, and zero time wasted. They can decide in 7 minutes if they love your game. It's like crack. The first hit is free.

So, you have your 7 Minute Gamer Demo, and you have a list of 100 streamers and YouTubers.

What you'll do next is, you'll send a PM, email or Tweet, saying this...

Hi (their name). If you want to discover a new game, play this 7 minute game demo. It's a playable trailer. Let me know what you think.

This is less than 140 characters. It's designed to be fast, and it's jam packed with a benefit streamers want (discover new games). And it's important you put in "7 minute game demo" because it shows they don't have to commit to anything.

Now, before you spam 100 streamers on your list, do 10. And don't start with the biggest ones with the most viewers. Send 10 PMs to the smallest YouTubers or Twitch Streamers on your list.

Why? Because you're testing. See what works. You'll eventually get feedback, and you can improve your gamer demo, or improve your message. By the time you reach your top 10, you'll have improved your gamer demo and message, and you'll increase your chances of getting their attention.

How To Get The Top 100 Streamers To Play Your Video Game: Your Exercise

You just learned a lot of new stuff. And the best way to get your brain to remember what you just learned is to take action right now. And I mean it. By doing something in IRL, your brain won't forget what you just learned.


Open a clean Google or Excel spreadsheet. Open a browser. Go to YouTube and Twitch, and grab 20 video game streamers. In fact, don't just go for the most popular ones. The smaller ones need some love, too.

Do this everyday for 15 minute. And in 5 days, you'll have a list of 100. This list, your 7 Minute Gamer Demo, and this script...

Hi (their name). If you want to discover a new game, play this 7 minute game demo. It's a playable trailer. Let me know what you think.

... is going to help you get the attention. This is your first step into getting your name out there.

This is your first step into building a relationship with influential streamers.

And best of all, it's free. And it has nothing to do with selling or advertising. It benefits the streamer because you're not wasting their time, and they get to discover a new game.