How To Sell 1000 Copies Of Your Video Game Per Month

If You're an Indie Game Dev, Who's Talented at Making Video Games But Not Selling Them, Then I'll Help You Sell 1000 Copies Per Month – Easily and Without Spending a Dime on Advertising

Tell me if I'm right?

And let me ask you this?

Which of these seven advantages do you want?

If you want any of these, then watch this video because you'll learn how to turn your talent of making video games into a successful games company selling 1000 copies per month.

But a little warning, and I'm serious about this. The program I'm about to share with you is only for indie game devs serious about building a successful games company.

If video game dev is just a hobby, this isn't for you.

Or, if you have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising, PR, branding, then this system isn't for you.

If your first video game sold thousands of copies, this isn't for you.

This is for talented video game developers who want to sell 1000 copies per month – but don't know where to start.

And what you're about to learn is a proven system that took me 12 years to develop.

So, let me tell you my story first. Then I'll share with you how you can make a video game that sells itself. And how to sell 1000 copies per month so you can quit your day job, and have a successful video game company that supports your life.

My Story of How I Got Out Of Working a Full Time Job I Hated and Created a Successful Company

I know what it's like work a full time job, then going home in the evenings and working on my talent. And dreaming my talent would turn into a successful business so I could quit my day job.

Back in 2004, I wanted to start a web development and design business. But guess what? So did a lot of web devs and designers.

Does this sound familiar? How many new game devs do you see popping up? How many new games are coming out every day? How many more kids are going to school for game dev?

Anyway, back to 2004. I was working IT for a large oil and gas company. And in the evenings, I was trying to get my web dev and design business off the ground.

I tried so hard to get my web dev / design company off the ground. And I failed... bad.

I tried advertising. I paid for banner ads. I paid for Google Ads. I went to seminars. I also did cold calls when I had days off from my IT job. That sucked. Every phone call I had to make was pure dread. Worst of all, nothing worked. I wasted 1 year of my money, energy, effort, and time.

So, in 2005, I was almost going to give up, and just focus on my IT job.

Until one day, I was telling a coworker about how I started scanning some old photos and slides. And I told him how I edited the digital scans in Photoshop so they look better that way.

A big problem with scanning is that the scans look horrible. So, he asked me if I could edit his scans, too. Sure, I said.

Word of mouth spread, and at the office, people started calling me the "scan man". But best of all, people started to pay me for it.

So from, 2005 to 2007 things were going ok. I was making some money on the side. But it wasn't enough.

My talent in design and fixing digital images wasn't enough. My talent in making little web apps so my customers could view and download their scans wasn't enough. My talent only took me so far.

What really grew my business wasn't tallent. It was this...

It wasn't until I learned how to MARKET my talent that I was able to quit, and work on what I love doing full time.

This is all thanks to digital marketing. In 2007 I started focusing on digital marketing -- free digital marketing. That's when my business ( grew like crazy.

I was attracting HUGE multi billion dollar companies. Think about it, I was just a kid sitting in my small apartment doing business with huge corporations.

Digital marketing has helped me grow and run a successful business since 2007.

I was making enough to hire more people. I opened 3 more offices. I even took one year off to travel Europe and New Zealand.

And let me tell you, I'm not a good salesperson. I'm a pretty low key guy, and a bit introverted. I rather sit at home, by my computer, and work by myself.

And my success wasn't due to advertising, or brand naming, or PR. It was when I learned how to market my talent digitally.

So, what does this have to do with you and you selling 1000 copies of your video game per month? That's next...

How This Story Directly Applies To You

My story is probably like yours. You want to build a video game business so that it supports your life, and so you don't have to work a full time job that is soul-sucking, and takes time away from what you love doing: developing video games.

Except, just because you finish a video game, doesn't mean you're done. It doesn't guarantee that gamers will play your game, talk about your game, and buy your game.

Just like me, talent can only take you so far. You need to market your talent.

And this is the important thing I want to talk about with you, so please listen...

Early on when I started my business, I learned that the intuitive advice you hear is often wrong.

Success Is Counterintuitive and Not Obvious

People told me that I should do sales calls, and pay for advertising, PR, brand marketing. That's the intuitive thing to do, right? But if you ever tried advertising, then you know most of it doesn't work... and the only people that get rich are the advertisers.

But I did the counterintuitive thing: Instead of paying for ads to get attention, I focused on building an audience that came to ME. I put the attention on THEM and built diehard fans that spread free word of mouth for me.

People told me that I should charge less because that's how you get the mass market. Again, that's the intuitive thing. But I did the counterintuitive thing, and charged MORE. And for that, I attracted HUGE companies who don't want "low low" prices. They want quality, and they'll pay for it.

People told me that I should add more features, and add more products. That's the obvious thing to do right? More features means you attract more people, right? But again, I did the counterintuitive thing, and offered LESS features. I just focused on slide scanning, and I become the authority in that little "sub-genre". It's how I attracted those huge companies. People want to work with people who are authorities in something -- not generalists.

So, let's flip this around, and see how this directly applies to you...

What if instead of attracting huge companies, your video games attracted huge YouTubers and Twitch Streamers?

Would that be something that would help you make money developing video games? Would that help you sell 1000 copies per month?

What if instead of paying for advertising (that may or may not work), you built and audience of diehard fans of your game, and they spread free word of mouth for you?

What if instead of charging only 10$ for your game, you could sell it at higher prices without loss in sales? Indie video games are stuck in this price range of $10. But what if you could add value to your video game in other ways, and get a gamer to pay $40 or $60 for your game?

Let's keep going, and I'll show you more results you can get... and how to get these results for free...

INTRODUCING: The "7 Step Video Game Selling System" Designed For Indie Game Devs Who Are Serious About Building a Successful Games Company and Want To Sell 1000 Copies Per Month

I've developed a system to that is going to help you sell 1000 copies of your video game per month, and help you build a successful games company.

And these are NOT just tips and suggestions. What you'll learn is a step-by-step system, that works. It's the exact system I've used to successfully to market my talent. I had to make it work, because if I didn't, then I'd fail and have to go back to work. And it took me 12 years to develop this system.

So, here's what you'll learn in after using the "7 Step Video Game Selling System"...

So, how can you get these results RIGHT NOW? How can I help you launch your video game career into a full time, money making, business? How can you sell 1000 copies next month?

And best of all, how can you do this for free?

Here's how...

How To Grab Your Copy of The "7 Step Video Game Selling System" For Free So You Can Sell 1000 Copies, Per Month

If you were to hire me as your marketer, I'd charge you $13,200 a month. If you were to hire me for a 1 hour skype consultation, I'd charge you $497 per hour. If you were to do email consultations with me, it would be $97 per email.

But, there is a way you can hire me for free.

I want to help game devs... but I only help the game devs who are serious about building a successful games company.

So, if you're more than serious, and you want to learn how make money developing video games, and this isn't just a hobby to you, then here's what to do...

  1. You'll see form or a link somewhere on the page, or in the description below.
  2. Click that link, and enter your name and email, and click the Free Instant Access button
  3. I'll get your email, and I'll reply back with some questions for you
  4. The questions you'll get will challenge you, but they are designed to help you get the results you want, and help you overcome any challenges you are having right now
  5. Once you answer my questions, I'll reply back with a custom built action plan that you can USE right away to help you overcome any challenges you have
  6. And you'll get your free copy of the, "7 Step Video Game Selling System" (worth $97)

In most cases, this is all you'll need to help you start your goal of selling 1000 copies of your video game per month. When this works for you, and you want to learn how to sell 100,000 games per month, then we'll talk about more advanced trainings.

So if you're serious, then you can grab the "7 Step Video Game System" for free.

Again, normally, I charge $97 bucks for this service.

And I don't know how long I'll be able to do this for free. So, here's your only chance to get a free email consult, and grab your copy of the "7 Step Video Game Selling System" report.

You have nothing to lose. And if you wait too long, then this opportunity will be gone forever.

Go to the form below. Enter your name, and email, and click submit. I'll reply back with some questions (that will challenge you, but will also help you). And then you'll get a free report, ""7 Step Video Game Selling System" based on your answers.

Remember the whole reason why we're doing all this stuff is so I can help you sell 1000 copies of your video game per month. And this is the best way to do it.

Grab Your Free Copy of the "7 Step Video Game Selling System" (Worth $97), Here...

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