The Best Way To Promote Your Indie Game For Free Is To Create Online Content

What You'll Learn About After Reading This Article About Indie Game Digital Marketing...

Inside you're going to to learn 3 tricks to help you get gamers to consume your content about your indie game. Why create content? Because creating content is the best way to promote your indie game. And it's free.

If you can create content about your indie game that is attention-grabbing, then you'll never have to pay to market your indie game.

However, the game dev who doesn't learn the silent art of content creation is going to have a difficult time getting gamers to play and buy their game.

Putting up your game on Steam,, Humble Bundle is not enough anymore. There are so many games being released that grabbing a gamer's attention is now even tougher.

So, here's a technique and 3 action steps to help you create online content so gamers can find you and your indie game.

Remember, the goal is to create content so that it promotes your indie game. Here's exactly what to do...

The "Convenient Content Creation" Technique

When everybody is creating content online, how do you get YOUR content heard? How do you get a gamer to find you? How do you get a gamer to read or watch some content about your game, and then actually buy it?

Here's how...

It's important to make your online content as convenient to consume. Making your content as convenient to find, read, and watch, will you promote your indie game by 10x to 100x.

So, here's three steps on how to make your online content more convenient, so gamers can easily find you, easily find your indie game, and so that it helps promote your game for free...

Step 1: Make You Content Easy To Find By Using Headlines

The headline is the most powerful tool you can use to grab a gamer's attention. Why? Because headlines are what people read first before they decide to click the link and read or watch more.

How people consume online content is they skim headlines, or titles, or taglines. Or if it's a video, they listen to the first few sentences.

You see, a person is bombarded with messages online all the time trying to grab their attention. So, people will read a quick headline and decide if the content inside is worth their time to read or watch or listen.

Skimming headlines is how people consume content. If you don't have a headline, or if it's not interesting, then it doesn't matter how great your content is.

Your headline is your best tool to grab a gamer's attention. It makes your content easy to find, and more convenient for gamers to decide if they want to read or watch more.

Step 2: Format Your Content In Three Different Ways

People consume content in three different ways: they listen, watch, or read. This is pretty obvious. But what's not so obvious is that some people prefer one over the other. If a person can't consume the content their way, they won't bother.

What I mean is, some people don't want to watch a video. They would rather listen to the podcast. Some people don't want to listen, they would rather read the transcript or the article.

That's because a person want to consume content THEIR way.

The insight I want you to discover here is, that by formatting your content in three different ways, you're making it CONVENIENT for the person to consume.

By formating one piece of content in 3 different ways, you're making it move accessible.

They have 3 options to consumer you stuff. And they won't bounce off if their chosen way to consume content isn't an option.

Remember, gamers consume content by watching videos, streams, reading articles or blogs, or listening to podcasts or ebooks.

By making your content this accessible to consume, you're going to increase your viewership and readership.

And remember, the reason you're doing all this is because this will help you promote your indie game. If you make your content convenient to consume, then you'll increase your views, reads, and listens.

Step 3: Reward Your Viewer, Listener, Reader With an Instant Reward

When a gamer finds you, and consumes your content, don't leave them empty-handed. By giving them some sort of reward for finding you, will help you get people coming back.

Asking them to "subscribe" or "comment" or "share with your friends" isn't an instant reward.

They get nothing out of it. You might. But remember, people are self interested. By putting the spotlight on the gamer, you're going to get a lot more attention and convert them into fans.

What I mean is, when a gamer does find your podcast, video, or blog, give them an instant reward instead of asking for a "subscribe" or a "like".

What would be an instant reward?

Is your indie game in beta? Need a tester, need QA person? Give them exclusive rights to become part of the beta, tester, QA group.

So, for example, at the bottom of your article or at the end of your video or podcast, tell the person that they have a chance to become part of the beta group.

This is just one little example. It doesn't have to be beta access. Do you have a demo? Promo code? Give them that at the end of your article, video, podcast.

Do you have an artbook? A song? A design doc? Give those away at the end of your content.

The idea here is, to give the gamer a small free gift.

The reason this part is important is because reciprocity works. When you're asking a gamer to subscribe or like or telling them to share, there is no respectively happening. The viewer isn't committed to you at all. They have no incentive to help you out.

But if you take the lead, and YOU are the one who initiates the reciprocity, then you're on your way to build a relationship with that gamer.

Once you build that relationship with the gamer, it's going to be a lot easier to ask for a subscriber or a like... And better yet, it's going to be a lot easier to promote your game so that it basically sells itself.

Here's Your Your Takeaway From Learning The "Convenient Content Creation Technique"

Here's a quick summary of what you learned in this article...

There are so many games being released every day. There is so much content being made about indie games, that gamers are bombarded with options. It's getting harder and harder to get a gamer's attention.

The more convenient your content is to find and consume, the better chances you'll outcompete all other content.

And remember, content is the best way to promote your game. Its free. And your efforts will help you sell more copies of your indie game.

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