How To Create a Community For Your Indie Game When Nobody Knows You:

A 7 Step-By-Step System Designed For Solo / Small Team Indie Game Devs... Start Here

If you feel hopeless when it comes to indie game development...

If you feel like you're just working away at a HUGE indie game project with no hope that you'll get any recognition or exposure...

If it seems that "indies" either have million dollar budgets and big publisher backing them...

And all these "indies" are part of an exclusive group -- that you will never be part of -- and that know all each other and help each other out to sell their games...

If you don't have ties with game-journo hipsters and big youtubers...

If you don't know how you'll survive the "indiepocalypse"...

If you're getting closer to launch and no matter what you do, you still feel like you might not succeed...

...then learn and use the techniques in these training videos because they will help you sell more copies of your indie game.

"Only Established Game Devs With Connections and Large Budgets That Can Afford Beautiful Marketing Have Large Audience"

It's true. The more money you have... the more connections you have... the more of an audience you'll get.

But what if you don't have any of that? What if you don't have investors? What if you don't have friends that are successful indie game devs? What if you don't have a huge publisher backing you with a million bucks worth of advertising? What if you don't have a huge youtuber playing your game?

Then, my friend, your best option is to learn some "grassroots" indie game dev marketing.

Introducing: "The Community Creator", A Step-By-Step System Built For Unknown Indie Game Devs

I call it the "Community Creator System for Unknown Indie Game Devs". It's a 7 step system that shows you exactly how to build an audience of die-hard fans of your indie game.

I know you're busy. I know that you don't have a lot of time. You maybe have a full time job or a family. Or maybe you're so into programming your game, and trying to get it done, that you don't have time for anything else.

That's what's good about this training program.

I designed it to respect your time. It's a 7 week course, where you only will have to put in maybe 30 - 45 minutes of work each day.

And I'm starting from the ground up. Nothing compilated. I did all the work for you. You just need to follow the exact step by step guides. And at the end of the 7 week training, you'll see an increase in fans of your indie game.

What You'll Get After Finishing The "Community Creator System For Unknown Indie Game Devs" Program

Here's a list of the advantages you'll get from this training...

Why am I giving out all my secrets? Because I know that if you succeed, I will succeed. I want to build a marketing company for indie game devs. And my success hinges on the success of the indie games who use my stuff.

So, if you have no connections... if you feel like you don't know how to survive the idiepocalypse... if nobody knows about you... if you worry that all your efforts are hopeless, then the "Community Creator" series of videos will show you exactly, step by step, how to overcome your challenges.

In the next week, I'm going to upload the first video. If you're watching this in the future, then you don't have to wait... go now.

How To Promote Your Indie Game When You Don't Have Time For Marketing

I know.. you're busy with developing your game. And all this stuff you're learning is great and all. But where the hell do you find the time to do it all. Learning how to market your indie game just means MORE time, right?

But here's what I can do to help with that...

You know that marketing is vital to the success of your indie game. But you're also focused on making your game the best game you can possibly make. Plus you have other commitments (like family or even another job).

So, if you want to fast-track your marketing efforts... if you want to quickly build an community... if you want to succeed and survive the indiepocalypse, then join my free "Indie Game Marketing Mastermind Club".

You'll get free access to more in-depth trainings, videos, and ebooks. For example, your first ebook you'll get is "How To Get Gamers To Buy Your Indie Game In an Oversaturated Marketplace". I show you how to quickly and easily stand out when your market is way too over crowded.

But best of all, you'll get access to my "Indie Game Marketing Mastermind Discord Server". This is where I can help you, one-on-on, with your indie game. This is by far the fastest way to help you easily learn how to market your indie game when you don't have time.

Of course, this is all free. So you have nothing to lose in joining. Free advanced trainings. Free access to one-on-one help.

I highly recommend that you join quickly, though. As I get busier and busier, this exclusive offer will be gone -- fast.

So, get your foot in the door. Be the first to join. Be the first to take advantage of this great resource to help you grow your profits from your indie games.

Scroll down, and sign up to get free help with buidling your community, plus other free goodies.

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