How To Market a Multiplayer, Casual Space Shooter Indie Video Game

Watch me market this indie space shooter, so you can learn how to market your own indie video game, too!

If your indie game isn't selling...

If your game isn't getting any attention during development...

If you you are worried that you'll have a horrible launch...

...then watch me as I help an indie game developer market their new space shooter.

The result I want you to get out of watching or reading this is that you get ONE technique that will help you sell more copies if your video game.

I'm going to show you a lot of indie game marketing technique, tips, and tricks. Some you won't agree with. Some you'd never heard of. But I know that you'll at least get ONE tactic that will help you with your video game... and help you sell it.

So, if you're an indie game dev great at making games,... but not so good at selling and marketing them... then watch me work.

Before I begin... I want to quickly tell you that I've been in digital marketing for 12 years. Back in 2012, I started my own graphic design / web app company. Except, instead of making websites and web apps... I use my skills to scan peoples slides into digital, fixt them up in Photoshop, and made a small web app so people can share their scans online.

Digital Marketing Indie Video Games
My 12 years in digital marketing will help you with marketing your own indie game

My success in selling my service and app was because I learned how to market. I used my marketing skills again to sell videos and tutorials.

So, I may not be a indie game dev... but I do have 12 years experience in digital marketing. Plus, I love gaming... and I love marketing.

Anyway, enough about me...

Let me show you how I'll be marketing a multiplayer space shooter, indie game...

Indie Marketing Lesson Number 1: Instead of going to THEM... Get the Gamer to Come to YOU

What I mean is, a lot of marketing and advertising you see is all about getting YOUR name out there.

More specifically, this is where you'll do things like PR, banner ads, sponsoring YouTubers, giving out free game keys to Twitch Streamers, etc. YOU are out getting YOUR name out there.

This works... but only when gamers and the press and the public already know about you.

But this doesn't really work when your name isn't recognized that well. What I mean is, when you're starting off, going out and blasting your name and your game to the general public is a money wasting strategy.

It works for AAA games and successful indie games, because they already have momentum. They do this "broadcast" marketing just to keep their name "top of mind". Meaning, they know that their game will make SOME sales. But by paying for advertising, PR, YouTube sponsorship, these devs are just optimizing more sales.

But what if you have ZERO sales... or very little sales?

You need a different strategy.

And this is what I'm good at... when you're starting off with very little recognition... when you have no following... when your fan base is you, your buddies, and your parents... then you need to know lesson number 2...

Indie Game Marketing Lesson Number 2: What Does The Gamer Want

In lesson number 1, I talked about having the gamer come to YOU, instead of you going to them.

How do you do that?

Well, the first step is to put yourself inside the mind of a gamer, who will be playing your game.

As you watch me market Vecitas, you'll see how I try... or struggle to try... to put myself in the perspective of the gamer.

This is very important when you're first starting off. This is how to grab a gamer's attention. When you talk about THEM, then they'll listen.

I'm not saying you should never talk about you and your game. Broadcast marketing works... but only if you have momentum.

But when you have very little attention, a better strategy is to put the focus on the GAMER.

So, how does this get the gamer to come to YOU?

By knowing what the gamer wants, you can then communicate how your game's features, gameplay, and design, and art will give what the gamer wants.

This is the basic fundamentals of marketing: knowing what a gamer wants and COMMUNICATING how your game will give them what they want.

Right now, this is all just fluff. By as you watch me as I progress in my marketing Vecitas, you'll see what I mean.

This leads me to...

Indie Game Marketing Lesson Number 3: Create Content Showing How Your Game Will Fulfill Gamer Wants and Needs

Ideas are not achievements. You have to execute those ideas. And the best way to execute your ideas are to create CONTENT.

Content such as articles, videos, tutorials, blogs, devlogs, twitter posts...

This is how you'll get a gamer to come to YOU.

This is the basics of marketing your indie video game. Best of all, it's free to do. And it's the same strategy I've used in selling my own services, apps, videos, and tutorials.

And this is the same strategy I'm going to use for Vecitas.

So, let's get into it...

My Goal Is Increase Vecitas Player Base from Zero Players To 2000

A few weeks ago, Patigoniart came to me asking me if I can help them market their new space shooter.

Patigoniart is a South American indie game dev studio. Their first game, Pixel Survivors, did pretty good.

They just put the game up, and it sold.

But that was back in 2014 and 2015. Those were the good ol' days on Steam where there was less competition.

40% of all games on Steam were released in 2016. Mind you, not all those games were qulaity. But still, gamers had to go through over 4000 NEW games.

It's harder to get attention due to the amount of new video games being made
You need a different strategy to get a gamer's attention because there's so many new games comeing out

My point is, it's no longer easy to get attention... you need to put in some extra work in your marketing now to get that attention.

And this is what I'll be showing you how to do in these series of articles, and videos.

So, let's go back to my goal...

After releasing Pixel Survivors, Patigoniart released Vecitas.

This game did really well on Steam Greenlight, being in the top 100 games to be greenlit.

The game did everything right during their Greenlight campaign. But when the game launched in early access, the game devs saw very little attention.

And when the game was launched in 2017, sales were flat.

Where did all the fans go? What happened? How do you get them back?

Well, that's my challenge here. I'll show you exactly how I plan to get more gamers find Vecitas, play the game, and buy the game.

My goal of getting a playerbase of 2000 gamers is going to be a challenge, I know that. But you gotta aim high.

Anyway, let's get to work...

Tomorrow, you'll watch me as I put together a marketing plan for Vecitas... and eventually I'll show you how I execute that plan.

Remember, my goal in these articles and videos is so that you get at least ONE marketing tactique that will help you sell more copies of your video game.

Check back tomorrow, and let's learn together how to sell more video games... and make more money doing it.