Top Ten NEW Video Game Genres No Game Developer Is Taking Advantage Of... YET

If you learn and use these video game marketing techniques I'm about to share with you, you're going to know...

Game devs that don't know how to discover new video game genres are the ones that will have trouble trying to get their game any attention. They're going to fail because they'll just become "clones" in the mind of the gamer. And "cloned" games never reach the success of the games they are copying.

So, sit back. Grab your favourite drink. Turn on your favourite game ost. And let's learn about game genre's and how this will help you sell more video games...

The More You Know About Video Game Genres, The More Sales You'll Get

Before I show you the top 10 new video game genres you can take advantage of, I need to share with you an important insight about business.

Knowing this will help you market your video game...

What you can learn about YouTube maketing to improve your own video game marketing
What you can learn about YouTube maketing to improve your own video game marketing

There's a lot of video sharing websites out there, all trying to compete with YouTube. YouTube is having some issues. And a lot of YouTuber's are complaining. And a lot of web devs are thinking that they can make a "better" or "different" YouTube.

Follow along with me, this will make sense soon.

No matter how hard these web devs try, they're not going to outcompete YouTube. In fact, they won't even come close to YouTube.

YouTube take about 60% of the market share in the video sharing genre
YouTube take about 60% of the market share in the video sharing "genre"

Here's an insight that is hard to see here...

The websites below YouTube are all competing with each other... NOT with YouTube.

This is an important distinction. YouTube is dominating the video sharing "genre". While other websites are just competing for the scraps. All those YouTube Clones are making the big mistake thinking that they can offer something "better", "cheaper", or "different.

"This 80/20 Rule In Business"

The 80/20 rule and how it will help you market your video game
Knowing the 80/20 rule will help you market your video game

You'll see this 80/20 rule a lot in business. Meaning that the leader in a market will take about 80% of the sales, while the rest of the 20% will fight for scraps.

But there's a better strategy than to be a "clone" fighting for 20% of the scraps. Let me show you how this applies to you and your video game...

How You Can Avoid Being a Clone Fighting For 20% of The Scraps

Now look at Twitch or Netflix. Sure, they're in the video sharing "genre". But they carved out their own "sub-genre" and are dominating that.

Twich discovered a new sub-genre and own it
Twich discovered a new sub-genre, video game streaming, and own it

Twitch carved out the "video game streaming" sub-genre. They own that sub-genre, and they are dominating it. They own 80% of the video game streaming market.

And now there are "Twitch Clones" fighting for 20% those little scraps.

Netflix discovered a new sub-genre and own it
Twich discovered a new sub-genre, streaming tv/movies, and own it

Netflix carved out the "on-demand streaming of movies and shows" sub-genre. They own that sub-genre, and dominate it with 80% of the share.

And now there are "Netflix Clones" fighting for 20% of the scraps.

Now here's where it gets really interesting.

YouTube, with all it's money and users, tried to get into the "video game streaming" genre. And failed. They became a "Twitch Clone" and failed.

YouTube also tried to stream movies and shows like Netflix, and they failed.


Now, write this down and a sticky and put it up on your monitor:

The One Who Doesn't Specialise, Dies

Ok, so does this directly impact you?

It's the video games that specialize, that thrive. If a video game doesn't specialize, it dies. Let me show you show examples in the business of video games...

Specialize and Thrive... Don't Specialize, and Die

You've heard the term "Dark Souls Clone". Or "Binding of Isaac Clones", right?

When a gamer labels your game a "clone", then it's going to impact your video game sales.


Because now you're fighting for scraps. While the number one game in your genre take almost 80% of the sales, while the "clones" are fighting over the 20% of the scraps.

It's very hard to build a successful video game company that let's you live the life you want when you are fighting over 20% of the scraps with hundreds of other companies doing the same.

That's how video game companies die.

Just look at Dark Souls. They are an PRG. But they specialized in a sub-genre: Difficult RPG. Look at Binding of Isaac. It's dungeon crawler, shooter. But they specialized in Rogue-like.

To dominate your sub-genre, you need specialize
Even both of these games share the "difficult" sub-genre, they each specialize in different ways

The games that survive and thrive are the ones that specialize.

That's how you can build a successful video game company, that will support your life and let you make video games all day for a long time.

So, what are the top 10 NEW sub-genres you can own, dominate, and build a successful game company out of?

Let me show you the top 3 genre's to avoid... then the top 10 new sub-genres.

Top 3 Genre's You Should Avoid So You Don't Become a "Clone"


Remember, video game "clones" fight for 20% of the scraps, while the leader get's the rest of the 80%.

And I'm not going to talk about genres like, "open world" or "RPG" or "sandbox". Those genre are too obvious.

So, to avoid being a "clone", here are the top 3 genre's to stay away from:

Avoid Genre #3: Rogue-like

Avoid Rogue like video game genre

Maybe 5 year ago, you'd have a chance in this sub-genre. But games like Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, and others are dominating this genre.

Avoid Genre #2: Survival Horror

Avoid Horror Survival video game genre

Resident Evil 7 just came in there and swooped up this genre. Now the rest of the games are fighting for the scraps.

Avoid Genre # 1: Atmospheric

Avoid Atmospheric video game genre

This one is the number one on the list because this genre is pretty new, and it's very popular. But it already has leaders such as Firewatch and The Long Dark.

What If Your Game Is In These Genres?

Now, I'm not saying that you can't have these 3 genre-elements in your game. Make the best game you can, and don't worry about if your game has these elements.

What's important here is, is that you specialize in a SUB-GENRE. It's ok if you're making a atmospheric game. But what kind?

Let's go back to my example from before. Twitch offers video sharing just like YouTube. But Twitch specializes in "video game streaming" service first. They still offer video sharing, but in the mind of their user they are a video game streaming service.

Same with your game, you can incorporate these elements into your game... but make sure you specialize in a unique sub-genre.

Ok, enough business talk. Here's a list of new, unique sub-genres no video game dev is taking advantage of... YET.

Here are the, "Top 10 NEW Genre's You Need To Get Into So You Can Build a Successful Game Company"

Top New Genre #10: Family Friendly

Top new video game genre: family friendly

Most mom and dads want to be good parents. And a good way to be a good parent is to share what you love with your kids.

As gamers get older, and they start having families, more and more of them are playing video games with their kids.

Top New Genre #9: Education

Top new video game genre: education

Education is the evil opposite of video games, right? But don't be fooled here. Gamer behaviours are changing.

Games like TIS-100, Kerbal Space Program, SHENZHEN I/O, even Rocksmith are part of this sub-genre.

Again, what's important here is, what kind of education game is it? A programming language education game? A physics simulator education game? So far there is no real leader in this sub-genre.

Top New Genre #8: Subtle Romance

Top new video game genre: romance

Now, I'm not talking about where you're a high-schooler, looking to pick up, type of game.

There's a huge need for subtle romance games. Think of games like, To The Moon. So far, there's no real leader specializing in this sub-genre. No game dev is focusing on this.

Top New Genre #7: Relaxing

Top new video game genre: relaxing

Don't confuse this with "casual". Casual is too big of a genre. It's like saying RPG. It's too broad of a genre. But relaxing is more specific.

For example, Eurotruck Simulator, and Stardew Value are games considered relaxing. But again, no game dev is focusing on making a purely "relaxing" experience game.

Top New Genre #6: Short

Top new video game genre: short

This one is counter-intuitive. Short? That sounds like the opposite of what most people want, right?

Again, gamers behaviours are changing. Gamers with family's, work, and other responsibilities, get delighted when they see a game is "short".

Also, YouTubers and Twitch streams love short games.

Top New Genre #5: Psychological Horror

Top new video game genre: pyschological-horror

This one isn't survival horror. It's a sub-genre of survival horror. And not a lot game devs are doing this. Maybe because it's hard to pull off.

But gamers are looking for something different than horror survival game with jump-scares. And no game dev is specializing in psychological horror yet. Yes, a lot of games incorporate this element, but none specialize in it.

Top New Genre #4: Colorful

Top new video game genre: colorful

Don't laugh. Would you believe "dark" would be a popular sub-genre 10 years ago? There's a lot of games in the "dark" sub-gners. Dark fantasy. Dark RPG.

And knowing how gamers and consumers behave, they're going to get tired of "Dark". Look at games like Overwatch, Splatoon, and even the Witness. These are considered "colorful".

Again, there's no clear leader in this sub-genre. Some games are using elements of this sub-genre, but there is no game dev specializing in it.

Top New Genre #3: Management

Top new video game genre: management

If you told me 10 years ago that Motorsport Manager would be sell almost 80,000 copies, I wouldn't believe you.

Management game are the most underrated genre game there is. And not a lot of game developers are specializing in this -- yet gamers WANT management games.

For example, there is no gardening management game, or a fish tank management game. The video game dev that specializes in a management game that hasn't been made before is doing to have a very successful game company.

Top New Genre #2: Story

Top new video game genre: story

I know, there's a lot of story rich games out there. But what kind of story? Story is too big of a genre.

But if you can carve out your own sub-genre, then you can dominate it. For example, "Funny Story", or "Romantic Story", or "Crime Mystery Story".

Again, do what Twitch did: they are in video sharing... but what kind? Video game streaming. If you can get specific, and carve out a new sub-genre in the "Story" genre, you're going to build a game company that will dominate that genre.

Top New Genre #1: Replay Value

Top new video game genre: story

This sub-genre has come out of nowhere, and by accident. And game developers are learning fast that this is a NEED a lot of gamers have. Gamers NEED a game where they can pour 1000 hours into ONE game.

It is the fastest growing sub-genre, because it fulfills a need a lot of gamers couldn't find in other games. And now game developers are consciously making games where a gamer can come back, over and over again, and discover new things.

But, there's a HUGE gap in this sub-genre. While a lot of games include "replay value" as part of their game, there is no clear leader, yet. No video game dev is specializing in this sub-genre.

Gamers are waiting for a game that leads in this sub-genre. They're looking for the next game they can put 1000+ hours into. And if YOU can develop a game that focuses on this one single feature, then you've hit a gold mine.

So, how do you exactly use what you just learned, in the real world? How can you take advantage of these top new video game sub-genres? That's next...

3 Step Action Plan To Take Advantage of a NEW Sub-Genre So You Can Build a Successful Game Company

Step 1: Don't Clone

It's very tempting to see a new game come out, and think... "I can do that... I can even do it better!".

But game devs that do that fall into a trap. Once a video game discovers a new genre, and specializes in it, it's too late for "me too" games. The one that specializes, becomes the leader in their sub-genre, and takes 80% of the loot.

And now you know that "clones" fight for the 20% of the scraps.

A smarter strategy is this...

Step 2: Be FIRST In Your New Sub-Genre By Specializing

It's not the "best" game that becomes the leader in a new sub-genre. It's the FIRST game to create a new sub-genre that becomes the leader.

How do you become first?

When you take the risk, and you decide you are going to specialize in a sub-genre.

10 years ago, "Walking Simulator" would be laughed at (and people still do today). But, the game ABZU isn't laughing. The game devs are too busy building a successful game company off of making walking simulators (in this case, a underwater walking simulator).

How do you become first in the first place? That's next...

Step 3: Out Educate Your Competition

But, just because you're first, doesn't mean you'll become the leader. To become the leader you need to talk more about your sub-genre more than anybody does.

Columbus discovered America. But Amerigo wrote more about the new content than anybody else. HIS name is on the continent.

iPod wasn't the first mp3 player. But they were the first because they talked about this new technology more than anybody else did. If you ask who invented the mp3, a lot of people will say Apple.

So, how does this apply to you?

You need to let gamers know what sub-genre you specialize in. You're entering a NEW sub-genre, and sometimes being too new is not a good thing. And gamers will be confused in what you're trying to do.

But if you educate your gamers as much as you can, and talk about your new sub-genre a lot, then a light bulb will light up in the gamer's mind and they'll think....

"This is exactly the game I've been looking for! Why hasn't anybody done this before!"

So, how do you talk a lot about your sub-genre? How do you educate gamers about your new, exciting sub-genre, so they realize this is exactly what they always wanted?

That's next...

How To Own a NEW Sub-Genre: Exercise

You just learned a lot of new stuff. It took me over 10 years to fully understand this. So, to help you understand this as fast as you can, you need to put your knew knowledge into action.

In the next 20 minutes, I want you to turn off all distractions. No Facebook, IM, reddit, nothing. Open a word doc, or get out a pen and paper.

Put these questions on top of the page, and take the next 20 minutes to answer them:

What Genre Is My Video Game In?

Quick: what's the MAIN genre you're in?

Now, let's focus in, and see if you can find a sub-genre, with this question:

What Are The 12 Sub-Genres Your Game Is In?

It's important for you to push yourself, and come up with 12. For bonus points, find 20.

Why so many?

Because you're brain will light up and see a new insight about your game that you've never seen before. And my goal for you here is to help you discover a new sub-genre that your game can take advantage of.

This is how you begin your journey into dominating a sub-genre and owning 80% of the market. THis is how you build a game company that will support your life, and so you can make games all day.

If you just copy, and make "me too" or "clones", you'll be fighting for 20% of the scraps. That's no way to build a successful games company. It's the game devs that take a risk and innovate.


Specialize and thrive. Don't specialise and die.