What Stops a Gamer From Buying Your Video Game -- And What To Do About It

After Reading This Article About Indie Game Digital Marketing, You'll Discover...

If you're not sure what a gamers biggest pain is, then you'll never know why they didn't buy your game. Most game devs fail because they don't understand what motivates a gamer in the first place.

If you understand what a gamer wants, and the science behind buying behavior, than you can improve your chances of a gamer buying your game.

Best of all, the techniques you're about to learn here are easy to understand and are free to use.

So, get comfortable. Grab your favourite drink. Put on your favorite video game soundtrack. And let's learn something new so you can make good money with your video games.

The Biggest Pain a Gamer Has Is This (And This Pain Is What Stops Gamers From Playing and Buying Games)

Why do 2 cookies taste better than 10? A cookie company did a taste test, and found that people who only had 2 samples rated the cookies high. The group who had 10 samples rated the cookies mediocre.

Same cookies. Just different amounts were given. But the smaller sample size made the cookies taste better. And you would think that giving people MORE cookies would get the person rating the cookies higher?

This is called the Paradox of Choice.

There's a physicist name Barry Schwartz who's the Professor of Social Theory at some college, and wrote a book called, "Paradox of Choice".

How Paradox of Choice impacts video game sales

He explained that the more options you have, the LESS your satisfaction you'll have with them.

For example, when you have a choice between 3 ice cream flavours, it's easy to pick. You usually pick your favourite one.

But at a certain number of choices, you have a hard time deciding. And your favourite ice cream flavour doesn't sound too appealing when compared to all the choices you have.

For example...

How many times have you been starving, and you couldn't decided on a dinner because you had too many choices? You spent more time trying to decide rather than just picking something.

How many times have you been on Netflix and you spent 1 hour clicking through the all the shows and movies, never deciding what to watch.

Remember back in the day when you had cable? When a movie was on, you watched it. Even if it was a crappy movie. You still watched it. Now it's hard to commit to any movie or show, because there's so many choices.

Gamers are going through the same problem. Let me explain...

What Gamers Want and Don't Want

How Paradox of Choice impacts video game sales
Paradox of Choice In Video Games: The more games you have, the less you buy and play.

This is the BIGGEST pain a gamer is going through right now. They want choice. But because there are so many games out there, they can't decide.

Gamers have reached the point of this paradox of choice.

Great games are rated lower in satisfaction. There is so many great games coming out that gamers are becoming numb. This is a huge pain for a gamer: too many choices, too many games to play, not enough time, not enough money.

And just like on Netflix or picking out a dinner idea, a gamer will spend hours window shopping online for new games... but never really deciding on buying one.

Gamers want choice. But they also don't want to make a decision. They want somebody else to make that decision for them.

Why Does This Paradox of Choice Lead To Less Video Game Sales For You

The obvious reason why it's harder and harder to sell video games today is because there are so many choices out there. You're competing with more games than ever before. More games were published in 2016 than years prior.

But this is not the only thing you're going up against. This is not the only reason your game isn't selling.

There's a hidden reason why it's harder to sell games today. And that is, gamer apathy due to lack of satisfaction.

If your video game is another "me too" game, you're not going to get attention. Remember, a gamer has so many choices right now, that they can't decide on anything.

Even if your game manages to get a gamers attention, there is less and less of a chance that they'll be interested in buying your game.

Again, this is all because of too many choices. The more options a gamer has, the LESS satisfied they are with all those options.

This is the why games don't get bought -- even great games.

So, how do you break through this apathy? How do you get a gamer to get excited about your game when they discover you? How do you avoid gamers passing you by even though your game is great?

That's next...

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Anyway... for now, let me show you the basics...

To Get a Gamer Motivated To Buy Your Game, You Need To Know This...

Your video game is up against a huge challenge. You're not only going against other game devs who are publishing great games just like yours. You're also going against gamer apathy and dissatisfaction.

Remember, a gamers biggest pain right now is too many choices. And this is paralyzing their decision making. They are no longer playing as many games as they use to. They are no longer buying as many games as they use to. That's because they can't. There's too many of them.

But there is a way to cut through this apathy. There is a way to get your video game noticed. There is a way to out-compete your competition.

A gamer will ALWAYS buy games. That will never stop. Sure, they may play less games. They may buy less games. But they will always buy a game.

And the games they will buy are the games that fulfill their needs.

Gamers buying behaviour has changed due to all the choices.

Gamers are now becoming more niche. They are looking for a certain sub-genre when it comes to playing and buying new games.

Let me explain...

In my ebook, I talk about 13 fundamental factors that motivate a gamer to play a certain game. A gamer will gravitate to one of these factors more than any other factor.

For example, one of the biggest fundamental factor is resource gathering.

Resource gathering is part of your human "survival kit". It's ingrained in us to want to gather as much resources as we can. It's a deep seeded need that will never go away.

Resource gathering helped our ancestors survive back in our hunting and gathering days.

Now, today you don't have to hunt and gather. But this need is still there. And video games are the BEST way to fulfill those deepest needs we have.

A movie entertains us. A book gives us knowledge. But a video game goes deeper into our basic human needs, and fulfills them.

Life doesn't do that. Life has gotten predictable. Easy. But our need to, for example, gather resources is still there.

That's why games like Diablo, Borderlands, Torchlight, and even games like Civ and Star Craft, do so well.

These games fulfill our basic human need for resource gathering.

So, how does knowing all this get a gamer so motivated to buy your game?

Here's exactly what to do...

A Simple Way To Get a Gamer Motivated To Buy Your Game

It's critical that your gamer knows exactly what your game is... and is not. Remember, gamers have so much choice right now.

And because of this, their buying behaviour has changed. Gamers are now becoming more niche in terms of what games they prefer to play.

More specifically, gamers are looking for games that fulfill their biggest needs. And they are ignoring any games that don't fulfill their needs.

So when they are out looking to discover a new game to fulfill a certain need, then it's critical that a gamer know exactly what your game is and is not.

The best way to stand out, and to get noticed, is to get very specific about your sub-genre.

Remember, gamer's buying behaviour has changed. They are becoming more niche in their buying decisions.

So, let me help you out, and show you what to do with this knowledge and help you make good money with your video game...

Your Action Plan Right Now

Go open Steam, or open a new browser.

Go to the Steam Store page for Tower of Guns, and I want you to notice something. This dev knows exactly what their gamers wants. And they communicated that in their description of their game.

How Paradox of Choice impacts video game sales
Get a gamer motivated by showing them exactly what they'll GET for playing and buying your game

Their tag line reads...

"First Person Bullet-Hell Rogue-Lite Mayhem"

Just that little description is what sells the games to a lot of games. Why? Because a gamer knows exactly what the game is and it not.

Remember I told you about my 13 fundamental factors that motivate a gamer? Well, another factor is SHOOTING. We have a basic human urge to take a projectile, aim it, and throw it at a target.

Tower of Guns fulfills that need. And when a gamer who has that need, is going to buy this game because they know exactly what the game is and is NOT.

This is important. The game is NOT an RPG. It's NOT a story based game. It doesn't try to be everything to everyone.

It's a first person bullet hell game. There's not a lot of those games like that. But there's a lot of gamers who want to play a game like that.

So, what does all this have to do with your video game? Where's the simple way to get a gamer motivated to play your game?


Find a Gamers Need and You'll Sell More Games

Your goal is to get a gamer's attention, right? Your goal is to get a gamer to buy your game, right?

And it's really hard to get a gamer's attention when there's so many choices. Not only that, if you do manage to get a gamer's attention, they're most likely going to be apathetic due to dissatisfaction.

So you have TWO challenges: getting the attention, and getting the gamer motivated once you get their attention.

And the best way to get a gamer's attention is to show him or her that your game fulfills their needs.

Gamers are self interested. They only play certain games they that fulfill a certain need.

And with so many choices, gamers are changing how they buy games. They are getting more and more niche in what games they play.

Think about it... what type of games do you play? What sub-genre do you often find yourself playing in? You may try other sub-genres. But you pretty much stick to one or two certain sub-genres.

For example, I love 4x strategy games. I love resource management games. I'll try to play a platformer, and they're no fun for me. I always go back to my favourite type of game.

Back in the 2000s, I'd play anything and everything. But now with so many choices, I stick to my favourite ones.

My point here is, when I'm out looking for a new game... when you're out looking for a new game... when your gamer is looking for a new game... we are all looking for a certain type of game that fulfills one of our needs.

If YOU can find that need your game has, then you'll be able to describe your game that will get a gamer's attention and improve your chances of them buying your game.

If you're not sure what your sub-genre is... if you try to be everything to everybody... if you don't care what your gamers needs are... then you'll have very hard time getting attention... you'll have a hard time motivating a gamer to buy and play your video game.

It's all about the sub-genre. Be clear about what sub-genre you're in. Communicate in a way where a gamer knows exactly what sub-genre your game is in. Know your gamer needs. And show them that your game will fulfill that need.